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Specialising in business photography, we pride ourselves on creating the images that very few photographers are able to achieve. From amazing Aerial Images to massive corporate events with thousands of guests, we bring over twenty years of experience to each and every photograph. Our services cover a broad spectrum of requirements for your business.

We work alongside our clients; attentively listening to their needs and transforming their ideas into reality. With a dedicated team of expert photographers, VisionAir employs the most pioneering and innovative equipment to ensure that the expectations of our customers are continually exceeded.

With our friendly approach, enhanced expertise and ground breaking equipment, we guarantee to deliver the best results in the industry.

Our experience

Aerial Services - 5 years
Business Portrait Photography - 22 years
Corporate Events - 12 years
Product Photography - 7 years
Garment Photography - 5 years

Our services

Aerial Services

A dedicated team of professional Aerial Photographers, coupled together with CASA licensed UAV Drone Pilots, Visionair Photography can bring you images that would make you awe in amazement.

Business Portraits

VisionAir Photography is one of the few photography companies who offer the results that your business deserves. We will use our enhanced knowledge to advise you on what specific style will suit your individual company and job title and will create the portrait accordingly.

Corporate Event Photography

Whether your corporate event is formal or informal, we will create unique and bespoke photographs that will boast your business experiences and add that professional touch. With decades of experience in this niche, we use the most innovative and impressive equipment to produce images of superior quality.

Product Photography

These days, with so many catalogues and websites to choose from, consumers are showered with millions of images of merchandise and our job is to make your products stand out from the crowd. Whether you are displaying your product on your own website, eBay or trying to pitch it to an online shop, you want it its appearance to be striking. You want to be able to justify the fantastic features you describe and this is what we can help you to do.

Garment Photography

We know how competitive the fashion industry can be and that is why we take great pride in helping you to become a stronger contender. A professional and original fashion product presentation will give you the confidence to sell your stock and that is what we will help you to achieve.

Aerial Photography
Product Photography
Corporate Events

It is a cutting edge technological world out there and ensuring your business is represented in the best possible way by your website is important. Professional images captivate the viewer, intrigue the buyer and boost sales……..

Jim Moustakas
Pro Photographer

Our specialisation

All industries and business’ today face serious challenges and hurdles. One major hurdle that always seems to be challenging is competition. What defines your business from the same business down the road. Market researchers, business coaches, sales coaches and marketing professionals always ask the same question, what makes your business different to the guy down the road, why should your client choose you over the next guy?

I will help you challenge those competitive obstacles  by making your brand shine and tower above your competitor. I will help you deliver the image that suits your brand, the image that your clients are looking for to be able to say “Yes i like the look of these guys!”

My team of photographers and me, know exactly what your client is looking for today when they search for your brand. We will work with you and your staff to make your clients want to deal with you as apposed to your competitor.

Lets chat – Jim Moustakas

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Corporate Head Shots

Quality photography, understanding of our requirements was what we were looking. The Visionair team were able to produce it all. Thank you everyone, your all amazing!

Miriam Wisebull

Business Photographers VisionAir Photography.

Photography has revolutionised business today. Your clients need to feel your business from your images.

Jim Moustakas – Pro Photographer

Some of our Clients

Companies that we have photographed for include very well known brands in Australia.
We are well known in the commercial photography sector among major corporations.

Join your business with our growing family.

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The Baird Institute
Fitness Australia
DINA Corporate