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Ready to take your business to new heights? Take a step back, close your eyes — and now imagine your business from a completely new vantage point: the air.

Stop dreaming with two feet on the ground and see how your business could soar with aerial photography from one of Sydney’s most respected imaging companies. VisionAir’s team of photographers and CASA licensed drone pilots combine a passion for awe-inspiring commercial imagery with the knowledge of flight.

Searching for the best aerial photography in Sydney means you probably have a few questions — so we asked the tough stuff for you so you can find out how VisionAir makes your project soar.

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Why drone photography?

With 1.8 billion images uploaded to the web every day, being good is no longer good enough. Being good means being scrolled past in social media feeds. Flipping past to another channel. Clicking the back button to another website.

But great images? Great shots are the ones that make people pause, press that share button or dig out their phone and call.

Aerial photography is different. Offering a perspective impossible for anyone to see using only two feet, drone photography adds a wow factor that’s hard to simply scroll past. Seeing a scene from the eyes of a bird turns a seemingly simple scene into a stunning vista.

Aerial photography isn’t new — photographers have been doing it for decades. But, before drone photography, those images from the air were only possible with an expensive airplane, making those stunning shots nowhere near the realm of possibility for small businesses. Drone photography is different — but it also isn’t as expensive as you think. Drone technology has helped make aerial photography more accessible, even to the smallest businesses.

Why drone photography with VisionAir?

Sending a remote controlled quadcopter up in the air isn’t any more a DIY job than flying your own airplane — at VisionAir, we utilize both veteran photographers and experienced pilots to ensure exceptional quality and a safe flight. Our photographers focus on aerial photography while our pilots focus on flying. Without divided attention, VisionAir pilots can concentrate on keeping the footage exceptionally steady while the photographer turn creative visions into tangible products.

While drone technology allows for amazing aerial imagery, all drone photography is not the same. At VisionAir, we don’t take the cheap way out and slap a GoPro on a small drone. The awe factor from aerial imagery isn’t enough. We wanted more. We wanted aerial images that are just as high quality as our commercial portraits and product photographs.

So, we mounted a DSLR on a drone.

Using Canon cameras and the same large quadcopters that Hollywood producers use, the VisionAir team combines both knowledge and creativity with cutting edge technology capable of capturing billboard-worthy aerial photography and footage for the best 4K screens.

Our specialist knowledge combined with our impeccable attention to detail means our drone photography in Sydney — and elsewhere in NSW region — always exceeds the expectations of our customers. Whatever view or observation you want to capture, we have the equipment and expertise to not only make it possible, but to offer you the best results.

Not enough? Here’s why aerial photography from VisionAir stands out from other imaging companies in the Sydney area.

We hire skilled aerial UAV drone pilots

We meet all CASA Australian licensing regulations

We mix years of commercial photography experience with the latest innovations

Our equipment — and our employees — are always professional, all the time.

Every shot is outstanding — every time


What’s included with VisionAir’s drone photography?

VisionAir specializes in all types of commercial photography and videography. That means even if you can’t quite put a finger on the vision you have, we can help make it a reality. Our aerial photography, Sydney, company has helped businesses of all sizes with:

  • Aerial photography for commercial display and marketing
  • Aerial inspections
  • Aerial real estate and development photography
  • Aerial photography for corporate events
  • Future view photography with upcoming construction sites
  • Aerial photography for current construction and surveys
  • Drone video production

Every business is a bit different — and every aerial photography need a little varied — so we start with a quick chat to allow us to see your vision, even if you need some help fully developing what that idea is exactly. We’ll sketch out a plan and keep you updated every step along the way. We’ll dispatch our team, then ensure the finest results through the industry’s best editing software. And then, we’ll get you those jaw-dropping images and videos, all within a few days. We can even help upload those photos and videos to your website and social media platforms.

VisionAir’s drone photography

The world from above is an amazing place — and at VisionAir, we frequently get to observe and share the most astonishing and amazing sights. Whether you are looking for magnificent photographs of a city of skyscraper, a wonderful video of the crashing waves of the ocean or even an inspection of a point that’s difficult to get to, VisionAir can help take your business to new heights.

Because when you need truly great images, who would you go to but the company that sets the standard for drone photography in Sydney?


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what our client say

«Jim, i would like to thank you for all your efforts. You have produced an amazing result with all our garments. We have doubled our sales figures since uploading your images. »

«Thank you very much for your help with the event on Friday. Everything went really well and Mark was fantastic -such a very nice man. Photos also look great – so we will definitely be in touch again next time. »

«After looking for months, for a photographer that could understand my business and only kept on hitting brick walls, i came across VisionAir photography. The team was so easy to deal with, and understood my needs. They talk the talk. Good on you Jim and Mark, you have out done yourselves. »

«Amazing work, these guys know what they are doing. A quick brief and they were all over it. »

«I was lumbered with the task of finding a photographer that could work in our Melbourne and Brisbane office and decided on Visionair Photography. What a great bunch, Jim has coordinated his team so efficiently and executed a perfect and seamless result.»

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