Increased sales on ebay due to Professional Product Photography
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Ebay is a fantastic means to sell products to a huge audience of consumers, without actually leaving your home. There are a multitude of differing means to sell products online and ebay is simply an easy and cost effective manner that can be very effective providing you stand out from the crowd. The only problem with ebay is in fact the amount of competition you may have. So how can I increase my product sales? Trustworthy image and product profile One of the main drawbacks many consumers have with ebay is the fact that they cannot see the seller and only have what they see on their screen to go by, in short trust must be established. To establish trust with the customer you need to do a few things, firstly you need to have great feedback and provide a professional service. Secondly, you need to display your product professionally and have professional product descriptions in place. After all, the only means to build an image of your business in the consumers mind is in fact visual. So to establish trust is to establish a professional image and nothing gives you a more professional image than professional product photography. Professional […]

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Tips For Getting Pre-Schoolers Ready For Photo Day

Our children are our lives, the future of our nations and the living memory of ourselves. That is why we love to capture them in photographs for just about every occasion, after all they do only grow up once and we need to capture every moment we possibly can. One of the most trying times to get a good photograph of a child is when he or she is in pre-school, that age of not wanting to sit still. So how do we prepare our child for photo day at pre-school? Fun, Fun and more fun Kids love to play, they love to run around and enjoy themselves and can go all day as long as they are having fun. We love our children and they are always entertaining, but what happens when we try to get them to stay still for five minutes? That’s right; it’s like trying to ride a unicycle, difficult at best. It is crucial that we try and make ever task we need our children to do a fun and appealing task for the child, if we make it fun, then we have a better chance of success. Getting your child ready for photo day […]

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Professional Product Photographs is Mandatory in any Catalogue or Brochure
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Brochures and catalogues are an essential part of the retail industry, whether your brochures or catalogues are delivered by mail or email. It is a representation of our products, our services and the definitive means of gaining revenue for our companies or businesses. So why are there still companies using substandard amateur photography in their brochures over professional product photographs? The first impression It is a touch cliché but it is oh so true, you never get a second chance at a first impression. Often your brochures and catalogues are the first impression a potential customer will get of your company and its products and services that are on offer. Everything in your brochure contributes to this. From the paper it is printed on, the layout that is utilised, the text that is written within it and most importantly the photography adorning its pages. A professional looking brochure or catalogue is quintessential to the ‘image’ of your company, it is essential to the ‘branding’ of the company and reflects in the manner it is derived. Your brochure must look professional, your catalogue must have professional Product Photographs and you must think of it as an advertisement for you company. Do you […]

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The modern day business world is becoming all the more competitive and getting the upper edge can be quite difficult to say the least. Using professional images in your everyday business can improve your businesses’ profile and capture the eye of the consumer. So how can I represent my company with professional images? Advertising with images What draws your attention more, a billboard full of text or an outstanding image that captivates your mind? The answer is simple isn’t it? Pictures are indeed a worth a thousand words and allows the consumer an insight into the product or company on display. Professional quality images can be used for billboard advertisements, newspaper or magazine ads, website advertisements and brochures. All of these media provide a first glance at your company and are extremely important to your revenue stream. You spend money on advertisements so make them work for you. Putting substandard advertisements in the media represents your company poorly and professional photography can assist in maximizing your investment. Catalogues and Brochures Catalogues and brochures are a great way to tell the consumer exactly what your company is about, and what they have to offer. It is a means of getting your […]

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How Professional Photography Can Increase Residential Property Sales
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Professional photography can be a useful tool in every aspect of modern day business. Bringing to life the ordinary and pushing your business to the forefront of the visual world. The residential property market is a cut throat industry where the slightest edge will allow you to sneak quietly in front of your competitor and Aerial Real Estate photography may give you that edge. Increasing the perceived value of your property In the digital world we live in, all searches start with the internet. Residential property sales are no different. In fact a vast majority of home buyers will head straight for their computer when searching for their new home. So why is it that so many properties have such poor photography listed with their online profile? You never get a second chance at a first impression, and if that impression is poor then so too may be the interest in that property, decreasing the likelihood of sale of the property. High quality, professional photography will enhance the profile of the property, captivate the mind of the prospective buyer and raise the perceived value of the property. Think about it, if two properties are listed for $500,000 and one property has […]

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Get Up High — With Drone Real Estate Photography
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Property photos taken with feet flat on the ground can mean promising real estate sales flatline. Aerial real estate photography brings out a listing’s full potential, grabbing potential buyer’s eyes — and interest — with a unique perspective. Empty lots are hard to visualize with a shot of some grass and overgrown trees, but a bird’s eye view can trigger dreams of the land’s true potential. Aerial real estate photography displays a property’s shape, curves and features like a photo of a sexy sports car, making it easier to visual that blank slate as a new construction. Ground level shots often just don’t show a high-end listing’s full beauty. The building’s different levels, layout, and seamless integration with the surrounding property are much more apparent from the sky than from the sidewalk. Studies show that high-quality real estate photography brings more potential buyers through the door, resulting in higher offers and even larger list prices from the start. Drone real estate photography takes that potential to the max with views unlike any other listing on the market. Why drone real estate photography? Snapping a bird’s eye view isn’t a new concept — but rather a newly accessible idea. Drones allow […]

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Virtual Reality in Business
September 2, 2016 by admin in Virtual Reality 0 Comments

British television presenter Rachel Riley shows a virtual-reality headset called Gear VR during an unpacked event of Samsung ahead of the consumer electronic fair IFA in Berlin, Wednesday, Sept. 3, 2014. (AP Photo/Markus Schreiber) Virtual Reality in Business: How Companies Can Turn The Biggest Emerging Media Trend To Profit The rise of the internet made a dramatic impact on business — but if there’s one emerging technology right now that’s continuing to evolve business practices, it’s something that’s actually been around since the web’s early days, virtual reality in business. While VR has been used in gaming since the early 90s and the concept has been floating around since the 60s, the technology is just now beginning to show its full potential. VR takes the internet and turns it into more than just webpages, but a pseudo-physical place. VR has the power to turn the negatives of shopping online, like the inability to see a product from all angles, and turns it around, allowing customers to preview a product, place or even an experience, without actually being there. But what exactly is VR, and how can businesses use it? What are the challenges businesses face in putting VR in place? […]

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Aerial Drone Photos in Sydney While Drone Racing
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Aerial Drone Photos Aerial Drone Photos They’re fast and they fly, so it was only matter of time before enthusiasts started racing drones. The first event in what may prove to be a popular sporting industry has taken place in the states recently. The inaugural US Drone Racing Championships was held in Sacramento, California in mid July and attracted well over a hundred competitors from across the world. While speeds in excess of 100 kilometres an hour don’t make for the highest quality aerial drone photos, VisionAir appreciate the drone technology and the skill of these pilots and spotters. Australians are well known for their love of anything resembling a sport, so it should come as no surprise to learn that a Brisbane man, Chad Nowak, took out first prize in three different events at the championship. They don’t give out awards for commercial aerial drone photos in Sydney, but if they did, we believe VisionAir would be emulating Nowak’s results. We may fly a little slower and with a little more care than Nowak in order to get detailed, high resolution drone photography, but we share the same love of technology and passion for the drone industry. In what […]

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The Diversity of Aerial Drone Photography
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Aerial Drone Photography Aerial Drone Photography A recent study, conducted by the Federal Aviation Administration in the United States, has examined and shed some light on the diverse use of drones for commercial purposes. No such study has been completed in Australia, but we imagine the findings would be very similar, illustrating the varied applications of aerial drone photography in NSW and elsewhere in the country. At VisionAir, we closely follow the aerial drone photography industry and will detail a few of the key findings from the report. Real Estate The most common commercial permits were granted for real estate use. Almost a third fell under this category, which highlights how useful the technology is for showcasing houses and properties. VisionAir already work closely with leading real estate agencies, supplying aerial drone photos to help boost the sale price of property listings, so we understand full well how much this service benefits homeowners and agents alike. Aerial Inspections A view from above also has many benefits for these industries. Aerial drone photos are of great use to those responsible for inspections and maintenance of infrastructure. Drones can get much closer to high or awkwardly positioned structures than aerial photography methods […]

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Aerial Drone Photography in Disaster Zones
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In their short history, drones have attracted a great deal of controversy and generated some heated debates. On one hand, members of the public have been voicing their concerns over matters of privacy and safety, and on the other, people are finding new and innovative ways to apply drone technology for great social benefit. As specialists in aerial drone photography in Sydney and NSW, VisionAir are particularly passionate about how images from above can be highly advantageous to businesses, brands and organisations. We also like to follow the industry more broadly and discover how drones can help in other ways. Recently we’ve noticed an increasing number of cases where drones and aerial drone photos have played an important role in disaster affected areas. Since the disastrous earthquake and tsunami that struck Japan in 2011, drones have been employed to survey the area around the Fukushima nuclear plant, the most hazardous zone of destruction. The leaked radiation was and continues to be a major risk for Japanese civilians, but scientists have been using drones to map radiation levels in order to better understand the situation and formulate strategies to combat the problem. Aerial drone photos have also been used to assess […]

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